How to Delete Origin EA Account: Recent Guide

How to delete Origin EA account– Welcome! Are you searching for a way to delete your Origin EA account? if yes, then search no further because we have found it. All you need to do is to carefully read this article.

There is actually no delete option on the website but users can delete their accounts by reaching out to the customer support and requesting for their account to be deleted.

Here are step-by-step guide on how you can delete your Origin EA account.

How to delete Origin EA account.

As earlier said, you can delete your account by making a request to the customer support service.

1. Visit and sign in to your account.

2. Now, go to the Contact Us page.

3. Click on the Origin picture.

4. Select your platform, PC or Mac.

5. Choose Manage my account.

6. After that, select Delete account.

7. Click on the Select contact option button.

8. Type in REQUEST FOR ACCOUNT DELETION in the subject field and click on Request live chat.

9. A chat section will popup and connect you with an agent.

10. Explain that you want to close your account and the agent will help you complete your request.

Afterwards, in a short while your account will be deleted.

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