How to Delete Lyft Account| Recent Guide

How to delete Lyft account- Do you wish to delete/deactivate your Lyft account?, If yes then you are reading the right article.

A Lyft account is an online platform that allows users sign up as drivers and make money from driving. It also enables users to book rides online as well.

The following are ways which users can delete their Lyft account, if they wish to do so.

How to delete Lyft Account

  1. Launch the Lyft app on your phone.
  2.  Login to your account if you haven’t.
  3.  Tap on the ( ☰ ) icon at the top left corner of your screen, or swipe right.
  4.  In the side menu pane, select Help.
  5.  Now, tap on Profile and account.
  6.  Select the Delete my account option.
  7.  Scroll down to the bottom and tap on Go to account deletion
  8.  Select your country, enter your phone number and tap on Next.
  9.  Enter the verification code and tap on Next.
  10.  Tap on YES, IT’S ME button.
  11.  Now, enter your email address associated with your Lyft account and tap Next.
  12.  Tap on the Start button below the Delete account heading.
  13.  enter your reason for leaving Lyft (optional) and tap on Next.
  14.  Lastly, type DELETE in the given field and tap on the Delete account button.

Immediately you will receive a confirmation email from Lyft saying that they have received your account deletion request. It will take up to 48hours to delete your Lyft account.

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