How to delete JEFIT Account; Recent Guide

How to delete JEFIT Account-Welcome! Are you searching for a way to delete your Jetfit account? if yes, then search no further because we have found it. All you need to do is to carefully read this article

A Jefit is an all-in-one strength-training tracker app. The app allows you to plan out your workouts move-by-move, track your reps and sets, time your rest intervals, and evaluate your progress. It helps you know your level of improvement as you do you work outs as well as provide you(users) with a free fitness program database which helps you stay fit and also get an optimized work out results.

However, we have recorded several reports on our mailbox, requesting how to delete an Jefit account from the website. After a series of research on the topic, we discovered a way how you can delete your Jefit Account account easily.

We also discovered that some of the reasons why users want to delete their Jefit account is because they are no longer using their accounts or find it interesting. Some other reasons are as a result of mail spamming.however if your reason for wishing to delete your Jefit account is mail spamming, then we recommend that you mark such mails as spam whenever you receive them.

Moreover, if your reason for wishing to delete your Jefit account is otherwise then carefully follow the steps below to delete your account.

How to Delete Jefit Account

The following are carefully researched steps that will guide you to delete your account successfully.

1. Kindly, Note that JEFIT has introduced a new Account Deletion Functionality on your settings page.

2. To access your settings page, you will want to go to your My-JEFIT Profile page, highlight over your username and then click on the “Settings” button.

3. From the setting page you will scroll down on the page until you see the section labeled “Settings” and will want to click on the “Deactivate My Account” button to initiate the deletion of your JEFIT Account.

4. From there you will have to enter in your password to your profile then confirm the deletion, thus all of your data and information will be permanently removed from the JEFIT Server.

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