Emma Hayes Biography, NetWorth, Age, Height, Family, Stats & Achievements

Emma Hayes is a manager of the Chelsea Ladies team and the first female manager to win a major European trophy. At 39 years old, she has already achieved plenty throughout her career. She has an estimated salary of £300,000 per year and a net worth of over £1 million.

Emma Hayes has had a remarkable career. From rising through the ranks in management to becoming one of the most successful coaches in women’s football, Emma Hayes has achieved great success. This fascinating profile looks at her career in detail, from her early days as a young coach to her current status as one of the top female managers in the sport.

It covers how she navigated the male-dominated world of football and became one of the few women to reach such heights. It also details her inspiring journey from humble beginnings to becoming an award-winning manager who has led her teams to championship titles.

Explore Emma Hayes’ fascinating career, from when she began coaching as a teenager to now being hailed as one of the most successful female managers in the world.

Early Life and Education of Emma Hayes

Emma Hayes Biography

You weren’t born with a silver spoon in your mouth, but you have been blessed in many other ways. You were born to football-loving parents and raised in South London, England. There was no denying your passion for the sport from an early age, so your parents encouraged you to join a local team at the tender age of 8.

However, football wasn’t just a hobby; it quickly became a full-time commitment. You worked diligently on your game, training every chance you had and perfecting the strategies that would eventually take you to the top.

Your hard work paid off when you received a football scholarship to Canford School at age 13. You soon earned recognition as one of the UK’s most talented players and continued honing your skills until graduation. Afterward, you attended University of Salford while competing with Oxford Ladies before eventually joining Arsenal Ladies in 2001.

Her Career Journey and Achievements

You have no doubt heard of Emma Hayes. Having been a professional football manager since 2019, she is the first female manager in the top tier of English football. She has achieved multiple successes with her team, Chelsea Women, and is admired by many people in the football world.

To get to where she is today required Hayes to take a unique path. After finishing her studies in sport science at University, she became a full-time coach and eventually worked her way up to a managerial position.

Though she faced plenty of obstacles along the way, gradually Hayes’ hard work paid off. Her career quickly advanced from local teams to big names such as Arsenal Ladies and then Chelsea Women, where she led them through an incredible winning streak of trophies and accolades.

Her achievements have been remarkable; starting with leading the London club to their first-ever FA Women’s Super League title in 2015 – they would win it again five years later – plus three Women’s FA Cup titles and three continental titles from UEFA’s Champions League competition. In 2021, Emma Hayes was even named Premier League Manager of the Year for 2020-21 season – a great honor for such an accomplished career!

Coach of Chelsea FC

Emma Hayes is one of the most successful female coaches in history, and her impressive track record has translated to a remarkable career at Chelsea Football Club. In 2012, she took over as manager and head coach of the women’s team, becoming the first female coach in the club’s history.

Since joining as coach, Emma Hayes has been instrumental in helping Chelsea become one of Europe’s most successful clubs. Under her leadership, they have won three FA Women’s Super League titles, two FA Women’s Cups, and three FA WSL Continental Cups.

In 2021, Emma Hayes led Chelsea to an impressive quadruple title win for the season that included the FA WSL – where they made a record-breaking run of 16 consecutive league wins – as well as the 2020-21 Champions League title. She also helped them become only the second English club – men or women – to qualify for a Champions League final.

The success of her tenure at Chelsea Football Club has given Emma Hayes the recognition she deserves on a global scale, setting a new benchmark for female managers across Europe and beyond.

The Emma Hayes Philosophy

Emma Hayes is renowned for her tactical knowledge and her commitment to her teams. She has a belief that football is a game of athleticism and technical ability, but also mental strength. In 2012, Emma published an autobiography detailing her principles and philosophy:

Everyone must work hard: Emma’s teams aren’t just made up of players who are technically gifted—they must also be motivated and work hard to achieve.

Adaptability: Emma believes that in order to win, a team must be able to adapt their tactics depending on the opposition.

Trust in each other: Teamwork is essential for success, and Emma instills an understanding that trust amongst each other is key to achieving this.

Throughout her career, Emma has been known for her ability to motivate the team and get the best out of them both on and off the field. She strives for excellence in everything she does and requires the same level of dedication from everyone around her – one of the many factors that contribute to her exceptional record as a manager.

Awards and Recognition for Emma Hayes

You know Emma Hayes as the highly-successful manager of Chelsea Ladies Football Club: what you may not know is the numerous accolades and awards she has received over the course of her career.

Manager of the Decade (2011)

Emma awarded this honor by football magazine ‘FourFourTwo’ for her success managing Charlton Ladies in 2011.

League and Cup Winner (2013)

In 2013, Emma managed Chelsea to a domestic League and Cup double, making the team one of only two clubs in history to have achieved such a feat.

BBC Women’s Footballer of the Year (2015)

Emma won ‘BBC Women’s Footballer of the Year’ in 2015 for her efforts as manager of Chelsea Ladies FC, leading them to their first-ever Women’s FA Cup title.

UEFA Women’s Champions Manager (2017)

Emma led her team to victory in Europe’s premier women’s club competition, becoming only the fourth female coach ever to do so. This was especially impressive given she accomplished this only two years after taking charge at Chelsea Ladies.

Emma Hayes’ Legacy in the Football World

You can’t talk about women’s football without mentioning Emma Hayes. As one of the world’s most successful female sport coaches, she has established a legacy that will be hard to top.

As a player, she was part of the first ever Women’s FA Cup winning team in 1991 and went on to become a respected coach in the English professional sector. A pioneering figure, she was appointed Manager of Chelsea Ladies Football Club in 2012 and has since led them to three Women’s Super League titles, three FA Women’s Cup successes and four Continental Cups.

Further adding to her accomplishments is her role as Head Coach for the Great Britain women’s football team during the 2012 London Olympics—a position that recognized her as one of the best coaches in the sport.

Beyond just coaching and managing teams, Emma also works within schools and universities, inspiring and teaching young players across all levels of ability. She is passionate about developing an infrastructure and support system so more girls can get involved in football and succeed at it. Her own success story serves as an inspiration for those looking to work their way up from grassroots level through hard work and dedication.

Personal information

Emma Hayes is a manager of the Chelsea Ladies team and the first female manager to win a major European trophy.

At 39 years old, she has already achieved plenty throughout her career. She has an estimated salary of £300,000 per year and a net worth of over £1 million.

Her career began in 2004 when she studied for a Sports Coaching and Physical Education degree at the University of Bedfordshire. After graduating, she stepped into coaching with Watford Ladies in 2006 before taking over Chelsea reserve team in 2007. In 2012, Emma was promoted to the first-team manager’s role and she hasn’t looked back since.

Under her leadership, Chelsea Ladies have won several prestigious titles including the 2015 FA Women’s Cup; the 2016 FA Women’s Super League; and most recently, the 2019 Women’s Champions League – making her the first British-born female manager to win a major European title.